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From the desk of Rohit Seth
Delhi, India - 2.00pm

Hello again. Just quickly before you take a look at the scripts we have to offer you, I'd like to let you know exactly what you can expect when you purchase any number of our scripts.

Firstly, ALL scripts come with an excellent bonus package that includes:

  • Free/Pro Safelist Script with 100% Resale Rights
    $47 value.
  • Pro FFA Script with 100% Resale Rights
    $47 value.
  • Perpetual Traffic Generator: Comes with 100% Resale Rights
    $49.95 Value.
  • Pop-up Generator Software: Comes with 100% Resale Rights
    $34.95 Value.
  • Safelist Directory: Comes with 300+ FREE Safelists with full resale rights
    $19.95 value.
  • Instant Site Maker Software: Comes with 100% Resale Rights
    $34.97 value.
  • Affiliate Masker Software: Comes with 100% Resale Rights
    $34.95 value.
  • 100 Website Designs: Ready to use. Just download and you're set to go. You can give these away in any packages you sell from your own web site!
    $19.95 Value.
  • 100's of Ebooks! Some with Resale Rights
    $17.95 - $29.95 value.

once you purchase a script from YourFreeWorld, you will be given access to our Member Centre where you will be able to download the bonus scripts, join our Affiliate program and contact support.

If you are looking for a particular script, you can browse our four script libraries below. We have sorted them into script type to make it easier for you. But if you're not sure what type of script you require, do take a close look at our script packages that suit many online business types and save you money.


1. Budget Bargain Pack

Save 10%
website scripts  $142!

Total $158 - 10% Discount = $142

2. Classified Services Pack

Save 15%
website scripts  $296!

Total $158 -Total $348 - 15% Discount = $296

3. Starter Success Pack

Save 15%
website scripts  $241!

Total $284 - 15% Discount = $241

4. MLM Madness Pack

Save 15%
website scripts  $473!

Total $557 - 15% Discount = $473

5. Marketing Legend's Pack

Save 20%
website scripts  $321!

Total $402 - 20% Discount = $321

6. Secret Master Resale Right Profits Pack

Save 96%
website scripts  $197!

Total $5098 - 96% Discount = $197