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From the desk of Rohit Seth
Delhi, India - 2.00pm

If you're anything like most affiliates online, when it comes to marketing, you probably just use the ad copy that's provided by the company that you're promoting right?

Well as an experienced marketer, copywriter and advertising provider, I can tell you that that's probably NOT the best way to go... Because when you think about it, a horde of other affiliates are doing the exact same thing, and the exact same (often badly written) ad copy is being read over and over again by prospects who think, "I've read this already... I know what it's about!" --delete-- (Even if they've never clicked through to the advertised web site!)

That's right. Most prospects pre-judge advertising and think they know what's being offered, when in fact they may not. Well sometimes they can know in advance, because the classified ad or solo ad tells them exactly what they're offering.

Mistake number 1. Don't tell your prospect everything in your advertising... Tease them with benefits, and compel them to click through to your web site. That's the one and only purpose of an ad, period. Once your prospect clicks through to your web site, it's the salesletter's job to sell the customer and get them to take the action required.

 FACT: Good Custom Written Copy Will Generate A Higher Response Rate

If you've been using stock standard affiliate promotion material, then you're playing hit and miss with your advertising budget... Even if you're using free advertising venues, you should still make the most of every advertising opportunity that you undertake to attract new prospects to your site.

The best way to do that is to use ad copy that stands up and demands attention. You know, the kind of stuff that will catch your eye and pique your interest so you open an email... Something with your name in the subject line, because it's addressed to YOU.

You see it's all about YOU and what YOU care about remember? That's what makes you buy things online right?

Mistake number 2. Don't focus on yourself in your advertising, because your prospect doesn't care less about YOU. They care about themselves and what you can do to help them fix their problems.

"It's a shame for you to miss out on
potential profits when you use lousy ad copy!"

If you're the game type and attempt to write your own copy, but it still doesn't get results, consider this. Did you know that a high percentage of people online pick other people's ads to pieces? They don't like spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, bad punctuation and all that goes with it. So do you think they'll click through to your web site when they see a poorly formatted ad? Not likely!

Your advertising must be tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked again, until you're quite certain that it's generating the kind of response that you're after to make a profit... Otherwise you may as well just fold up your ad copy into a paper airplane and throw it out the window! Bye bye...

Market the Smart Way!
Use A Professional Copywriter To Write Your Important Ad Copy & Sales Letters. Especially If You're Using Paid Advertising To Attract New Prospects.

If you're not a copywriter, you can learn -- but it does take time and a concerted effort. We can take that learning curve away from the equation, and make your marketing campaigns much more successful straight away. By utilising our experienced professional copywriter to write your classified ads, solo ads and salesletters, you'll see a steady increase in your income as a result of your promotions.

Yes you might still need to tweak the ad copy a little, but at least you'll be using copy that's effective, unique and not plastered all over the internet. Right? This solution provides you with a head-start on your competition hands down!

It doesn't matter what kind of business your own or whether you promote as an affiliate... All we need to know is the URL that you're promoting, and our copywriter will take it from there. We don't charge an arm or a leg. The prices we charge are affordable for any regular marketer... And the turnaround time is usually within 72 hours. When your new copy is ready, you will receive it direct to your inbox in a text document (for ad copy), or an HTML document (for sales letters). It's yours to keep for all time and tweak, change, edit and do with as you like!

We also offer custom article writing services that you can use to promote your business even further and generate at least 100 separate backlinks.

But don't just take our word for it... Scroll down to read what our customers think of our service.

Look What Our Customers Have To Say...

Testimonials from Satisfied Ad Copy Customers

"Thank you. I love the solo ad."

--Dan McClelland

"What can i say but wooooooooooooooooooooooow, this sure beats the rubbish I have been trying to sell with."

--Michael Jones -

"What a tremendous solo ad! You certainly know how to write good ad copy that shows all the benefits. Yes, I have received your Solo Ad this morning. Not bad work considering that I only sent it away about 18 hours ago!"

--John Curran -

"Fantastic! You did a wonderful job. "I feel like I ripped you off." I will surely ask you for this service again, and I haven't even run this copy yet to see how it will do. I also thank you for the suggestions you gave me on the webpage."

--Edwin Green -

"I am very pleased with your work. I don't know how you can produce such professional ad copy for the fee that you charge. This is amazing! Thanks for your great work."

--McArthur Moore -

Testimonials from Satisfied Salesletter Customers

"Thanks ever so much. Great job. YOU ARE OH SO GOOD. It is so great to know that you are working with me. It gives me such great level of comfort and such professionalism."

--Judy Lamont -

"Oh My Goodness! I just read the salesletter and I want to buy the system <grin> You are very effective with your wording, simplifying terms so anyone can understand, but also pointing out the key points of a system to some may seem very confusing. Excellent job!. I am sold. I cannot wait to show my partner your work up of the system, the salesletter and the design. You have a new client for sure!! Thanks for the excellent work and the timely fashion you were able to deliver this to us."

--Val Burnett -

"Just checked out the salespage... Yet again... simply AMAZING!"

--Adrian Pope -

"I'm still grinning like an idiot lol! This is sooooo much better than the rich jerks!! I cant even explain how good it it (seriously, I am at a complete loss of words!) AGH!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! You have no idea what this means to me!"

--Ali Maadelat -

The Choice Is Easy -- Let YourFreeWorld
For You By Ordering Our Professional Copywriting Services

Stand out from the crowd with custom advertising copy written especially for your promotion.

3 x 5 Line Classified Ads & 2 Signature Line Copywriting
Standard formatting acceptable by most ezines. FTC compliant.

Only $20.00!

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5 x 5 Line Classified Ads Copywriting
Standard formatting acceptable by most ezines. FTC compliant. Includes 10 extra headlines.

Only $30.00!

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Solo Ad Copywriting
Usually between 500-600 words and pre-formatted to 65 characters per line. Back to your inbox, ready for your new promotion within 72 hours.

Only $50.00!

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Salesletter Copywriting
Mid length, up to 800 words including eye-catching headline and sub-headline, list of benefits, product/service description, why they should join or buy, price to buy or opt-in and bonuses (where applicable).

Only $60.00!

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Article Writing
400+ word article on a subject that will target your website's market.

Only $30.00!

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Important Note: All orders are final, and no refunds will be issued once the ad copy has been written. If you are unhappy with the ad copy that you have received, you only need advise our copywriter and they will rewrite it for you. All claims must be made with 48 hours of receiving the new ad copy. We highly recommend that you cloak affiliate links and track your promotions when advertising.