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Do you have a crypto coin or ERC 20 token you want to promote? At, we can help you do so more effectively. Whether you have crypto coins such as Litecoin or any other ERC 20 token, we can help promote them. However, to enjoy this service, your ERC 20 token or coin should be available on payment gateway. This is necessary because all our products use their API for payment. We are the top crypto script service that allows you to promote your crypto coin simply and effectively. Therefore, if you have ERC 20 token or crypto coin listed on, you can rely on us to promote. We help by creating five scripts with your token or coin as the primary currency. When you work with us, the five scripts will contain your coin or ERC 20 token, making it easy to promote it. Before looking at some of the scripts you get from us, let's look at the benefit of working with us.

Why Depend on Our Crypto Advertising Service?

Relying on our service to promote your coin or ERC 20 token offers several benefits you might not get from other similar services in the market. One of the benefits involved is that we list your five scripts on our script store as a separate page. Thus, we help promote your coin or ERC token on our website so you can start trading right away. With our crypto advertising service, you receive all the reseller rights, so you can also sell it by yourself and earn extra money.

5 Crypto Scripts We Build for You

#1 Your Crypto Coin Instant Payment Script

This is one of the most flexible scripts you get from us. The script allows you to have full control of your funds and perform instant payments. It comes with enhanced security features making it impossible to fake a transaction. Your Crypto Coin Instant Payment Script features an automatic approval process that allows auto verification of all transactions leading to more improved security. Other features you enjoy include easy to follow instructions, supports unlimited payments, select the number of banners to show at the bottom of each page, and choose if you want to send a referral and confirmation notification emails.

#2 Your Crypto Coin Autopay Matrix Script

This script boasts highly improved features that allow for autonomous verification of payments and auto payouts within a few seconds. Our script allows you to use your coin as the primary currency and is rich in CoinPayments API. With this script, you do not have to request for the commission; it is paid instantly. It offers high-level versatility since you can add value of offering banner views and text ads to all your members. Like all our scripts, you can install it fast and start earning income the same day. The features you enjoy include creating unlimited matrices, using regular or company forced matrix, setting the matrix's depth or width, set for re-entry into the next matrix or not, and others. Other benefits you get include.

  • Easy to manage.
  • Set your commissions for referral levels up to ten levels deep.
  • Set up payout for each member that goes through to complete the matrix.
  • Email all your members.
  • Edit, view, or delete members.
  • Customize account activation, welcome, and other system emails.
  • Mobile, text ads, banner ads, push service notifications, and feedback survey add-ons.
  • Allows for cycled members to be re-entered into the new or existing matrix under a new position if you opt for that.
  • You can add five more coin merchant gateways of your choice.

#3 Your Crypto Coin Downline Builder Script

If you are looking forward to generating a significant income from month to month, we offer downline builder. When you sign up for the program, we provide you with an affiliate link you are supposed to promote. Update the programs page using your affiliate ID's and then start promoting our program. When new members sign up using your link, they perform the same setup. With all the sign-ups that follow your line, you earn commissions. You can receive a one-time commission or get paid monthly, thus boosting your revenue over time. Our Your Crypto Coin Downline Builder Script uses a unique script created to provide maximum downline building capabilities easily. The great thing is that you can build existing downline and also brand new downline from scratch.

#4 Your Crypto Coin Shopping Cart Script

Our Your Crypto Coin Shopping Cart Script is a great option if you are looking forward to selling physical or digital products. It has a user-friendly administration area, allows you to enjoy the freedom to add as many products and categories, view past orders, pending orders, and email all your customers. The script allows you to attract affiliates to promote your online business and make a flat rate or percentage commission per every safe to three levels as you wish. Our script also has an inbuilt product search that allows your customers to quickly get what they are looking for. Some of the other vast features you enjoy include, add or delete product categories and products, edit, view or delete members, mail members, fully customizable affiliate program, mail affiliates, view orders, among others.

#5 Your Crypto Coin PTC, PTR Script

Our Your Crypto Coin PTC, PTR Script, is rich in features such as multiple advertising options, Coinpayments & 5 custom merchant accounts, and many others. With this script, you get a top-notch advertising outlet with a simple way to earn options when you view adverts, making it an excellent option for your business. Other features you enjoy include mail members, a build-in member's email verification system, set your advert costs, choose multiple types of advertising packages, including paid emails, link ads, banners, link box ads, among other features.

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