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Viral Text Exchange Script

Now You Can Run Your Own Targeted Viral Text Exchange!

"78% of All People Notice Text Ads/Links Immediately, and Pull a Whopping Three to Seven Times Higher Response"

Dear Friend:

A study done by the Poynter Institute showed that people noticed 78% of all people paid attention to text, whereas only 22% noticed graphics. Text ads have been proven to out-perform banner ads by 3 to 1 (meaning higher click thru rates).

In some of our tests, we've actually had text ads pull in a whopping 7-17% response rate! (Well, actually we've HAD higher, but since its rare, I won't post it).

And now you can run YOUR OWN viral text exchange!

You won't find this exact system elsewhere - I had it created exclusively for one of my sites.

It is very much like a banner exchange, however there are two things that make this far more effective...

First, the ads appear exactly like the "Google AdWords" concept... so they appear like featured ads.

Secondly, text ads outpull banner ads (graphic ads) by huge amounts.

Even more powerfully, your members "don't have" to put the code on their website if they simply prefer to pay for credits!

Paid members get higher exposure.

They're even offered to put the code on THEIR site completely free... which of course, links back to you, creating a powerful passive Link strategy the search engines love!

You can have it completely up and running in under 15 minutes, and have people accessing the system to you shortly after!

You can see it in action at one of my sites right here.

You get the full PHP script - (requires MYSQL in order to store the ads / credits / user info).

You get the full website, include the sales page we use to get visitors.

You can even put this script up on multiple sites if you wish! We don't limit you "by domain" as most scripts do. That way, you can have even five or six of them running (as if your own network), perhaps on different topics! (Powerful!)

Not only do you get the exposure of having MULTIPLE SITES linking to you... you can also earn cash from selling prime ad spots!

Put banner ad code on the site... Put banner ad code IN the script that they use!

And even better, when you purchase this script, you get the MASTER RESELL RIGHTS so you can sell this script and keep 100% of the profits!!!

The "Viral Text ExchangeTM complete system is priced at $147.

viral text ads

However for a limited time only, I'll offer you an introductory offer of only $97, because I've JUST decided to start selling it. That's right, a whooping $50 off.

You don't want to lose out on the visitors, the linking strategies and the mailing list members YOU could be getting by not joining now, do you? 

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Rohit Seth

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