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How To Effectively Increase Your Web Site Popularity With Multiple Incoming Links
By offering a paid link service, you can easily attract advertisers who want real people looking at their opportunities. With a quick ad setup function on the home page that offers 3 merchant choices, you can generate an income effortlessly. This script boasts easy-to-setup administration where you choose the price for paid-to-click advertising including special formatting features. Your site visitors then click on the advertiser's links, and receive the payment that you choose. Once members reach the minimum payout amount, you can easily pay them from the admin area. This program has many quality inclusions that make it a script that's definitely worthwhile adding to any web site for added value.


Admin Area:

Click here to view.
Click here to view. [ Username: admin     Password: admin ]


  • Unix/Linux Server
  • PHP 4.0 or higher
  • Mysql Database Support
  • Ioncube Loader
  • GD Library
  • cURL

Terms & Conditions

  • One License is for a single Domain only.
  • All copyright notices used within the scripts MUST remain intact.


The design of any HTML pages, including interfaces, must be changed and/or modified by yourself.

Script Features

  • Easy management
  • Built-In Members Email Verification System
  • Define your own Advertising prices
  • Automatic Ad purchasing feature for Advertisers
  • Administrative Ad Approval/Rejection System.
  • Set the members minimum payout
  • Set the click amount for members
  • Set the timer
  • View/Edit/Delete Members
  • Mail Members
  • Paypal compatible and you can also add 5 more merchant accounts of your wish.
  • Edit Your Pages by placing the HTML code into the system for the FAQ, Logout and Member's Area Home pages.
  • Customise the welcome, account upgrade, referral notification and other emails.
  • Add/Delete ads and banners for members to promote your service.
  • Set the Scripts Affiliate ID to earn commissions from script sales from your ID.
  • And more....

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