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Dear Friend:

You know you need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to promote your websites, especially when you can do it free.

Now YOU Can Put This Incredible, One-Of-A-Kind Viral Guaranteed Visitors System On YOUR Website, And Have Your Visitors Scrambling to Add Their Site... And Return Repeatedly To Do it Again!

This is absolutely NOT a traffic exchange... well, not like nything you've seen before.

Here's how it works

  1. A person comes to your website. Let's call him John.
  2. John sees the opportunity to get Guaranteed Visitors to HIS site.
  3. John now fills out a small form that includes his website, and is email address.
  4. John then views YOUR website for 8 seconds...
  5. And once he has done that, he is taken back to your page, and told HIS site is now live!
  6. When the next visitor comes along, the FIRST person's page John's), appears for 8 seconds!
  7. John now receives an email that HIS site was just viewed, and is now "off the list".
  8. He needs to go back to YOUR site, to re-enter his website!


(Admin area demo: CLICK HERE!
Username: admin
Password: admin)

I had this script created because of its powerful viral approach.

And to make it even MORE powerful....

Those visitors can add that very same code to THEIR site... having a network of people seeing their sites.

WARNING: This is NOT a traffic exchange as you would expect.

Your visitors DO NOT earn credits for having the code on their site... however, it does cause a viral affect because its fun AND its free...

and even more powerfully....

EVERY site is linked to you!

  • YOU own the script,
  • YOU own the database...
  • but THEY are promoting as well! (They do not get the database linked in - you do!)

I just set it up (again) to test it and had it online in LESS than 5 minutes! Including the creation of the database to store the email addresses and websites... it is THAT simple!

I'm sure you realize there is no decision to make
- this is truly a "No Brainer" for passive promotions and list development.

You get the full PHP script - (requires MYSQL in order to store the website / user email).

You get the full website, include the sales page we use to get visitors.

You can even put this script up on multiple sites if you wish! (OR, have it run from one, but add the code as if from a user's standpoint to multiple sites!)

We don't limit you "by domain" as most scripts do. That way, you can have even five or six of them running (as if your own network), perhaps on different topics! (Powerful!)

Not only do you get the exposure of having MULTIPLE SITES linking to you... you can also earn cash from selling prime ad spots!

And even better, when you purchase this script, you get the MASTER RESELL RIGHTS so you can sell it on your own web site and keep 100% of the profits!!!

Here's few ways you can earn....

1) Since its free, you could add a banner ad spot right on the page, and sell that spot for whatever price you want! (Or put text ads, or whatever).

2) Offer a paid "feature" sponsorship to the people adding their site, and have their site linked right on the page, as "Featured Sites"! (You can charge whatever you want for this!)

OH And of course, here's another:

3) Google Adwords! Add the adwords code to the page, and you can earn from that instead!

You must be thinking this is going to be expensive.

Frankly, I don't believe in charging a fortune because it excludes too many people. And I'm not going to dance around the price with a justification. (Frankly I paid a lot of money to have this custom created).

Even though we have put in so much time, money and research in developing this software we are committed to availing it to internet marketers at the best bargain you can ever find.

The "Guaranteed Viral VisitorsTM" complete visitors system is priced at $147.

viral marketing

However for a limited time only, we'll offer you an introductory offer of only $97, because I've JUST decided to start selling it. That's right, a whooping $50 off.

You don't want to lose out on the visitors, the linking strategies and the mailing list members YOU could be getting by not joining now, do you? 

Get It Now


Rohit Seth

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