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Crypto Coins AutoPay Matrix Script

Behold! The ultimate ‘granddaddy’ of matrix scripts that lets you stand out from the crowd almost immediately and lets you do more than just earn a lot of revenue.

Combined with the 3 most effective matrix types (forced matrix, company forced matrix, and advanced forced matrix); this matrix script is the holy grail for network marketers.

While boasting the same features as Bitcoin Autopay Matrix Script; this version now offers you to interact with more than 60+ cryptocurrencies that are available worldwide.

As you know, there are other crypto-coins that are gaining prestige such as Ethereum, which is considered to be a better alternative of Bitcoin and is soon to dominate the cryptocurrency world since its rates are increasing drastically. And due to high-demand from our valued customers to add this coin in the matrix script, we added all of them.

If you already don’t know, many economists agree that cryptocurrencies will soon dominate the regular paper currencies that we use today.

It’s because cryptocurrencies cannot be manipulated, are not governed by any government and can be used worldwide. This makes cryptocurrency, an ideal solution to solve most economic problems. But that’s not it… By saving cryptocurrencies and waiting a few years, anyone can hugely profit from its uprising and spiking of its rate.

For example, Ethereum, considered to be the best cryptocurrency, now costs more than $300 per one Ethereum coin. Many experts suggest that it will soon rise to thousands of dollars and now is the best time to purchase this currency for best ROI.

So, if you want to make a risk-free future investment that leads to a high yielding profit while making your network marketing business reach to new heights, this matrix script is your best chance to do just that.

With this new version, you have the power to select from 60+ cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged with all the major currencies that are available worldwide.

Of course, all the features that were in the Bitcoin Autopay Matrix Script are all here:

  • Autonomous Verification of Payments
  • Automatic Payouts within mere Seconds
  • Forced, Company Forced and Advanced Forced Matrix
  • Simple Installation (with step by step guide)
  • And all other features that were included in Bitcoin Autopay Matrix Script

This new version is also packed with Coin Payments API, which make everything hassle-free for you and your members so you can increase your downline even further.

Other features such as setting up one-time joining fee, setting up commission payouts to each level, and offering banner views and text ads are all available in this version.

This is an extremely versatile, and possibly the most powerful matrix script available to gamify your network marketing business to the next level. So, what are you waiting for?


Crypto Coins Autopay Matrix Script

View Admin Area [ Username: admin Password: admin ]


Script Features:

  • Easy management.
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions for the Admin control panel, so you can setup your program without a hitch.
  • Set the membership fee to join.
  • Define your own m * n Forced matrix up to 10 x 10 Levels Deep.
  • Set Commissions for Referral Levels up to 10 Levels Deep.
  • Set Matching Bonus Commissions for Sponsor on Direct Referrals Downlines up to 10 Level Deep.
  • Set the special Referral Bonus for member affiliates for promoting & referring new members to your program.
  • Ability to set the payout for each member that cycles through to complete the matrix. Eg. BTC 0.05.
  • Allowing cycled members to be re-entered into the existing matrix or new matrix under a new position if you choose.
  • E-mail all members.
  • View/Edit/Delete members.
  • Accepting Crypto Coins via CoinPayments and you can also add 5 more Crypto Coins merchant gateways of your choice.
  • Crypto Coins IPN and API for auto-approval via CoinPayments for Automatic Position Approval and Auto Payout of Commissions.
  • Edit Your Pages by placing the HTML code into the system for the FAQ, Home, Logout and Member's Area Home pages.
  • Customise the welcome, account activation and other system emails.
  • Add/Delete email ads and banners for members to promote your service.
  • Set the Scripts Affiliate ID to earn commissions from script sales from your ID.
  • And more....
  • Banner Ads Addon: Offer x banner(s) to members to be rotated throughout your website.
  • Text Ads Addon: Offer x text ad(s) to members to be rotated throughout your website.


  • Unix/Linux Server
  • PHP 7.1 or higher
  • Mysql Database Support
  • Ioncube Loader
  • GD Library
  • cURL

Terms & Conditions

  • One License is for a single Domain only.
  • You are not allowed it to use it at more than 1 domain or sell / lease this script in any form.
  • All copyright notices used within the scripts MUST remain intact.


The design of any HTML pages, including interfaces, must be changed and/or modified by yourself.

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Crypto Coins Autopay Matrix Script

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