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Capture screen images and record your own audio to make presentations for sales, how-to's, vacation e-shows and more!

Presenting Screen Show Pro

Video is an essential part of modern communication. The world in general is attuned to visual communication, the most effective way of sending a clear message to the viewer. The saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more true in our modern times. Video is the most powerful way to get your message across, and is even more effective when the video includes narrative speech.

ScreenShow Pro helps you achieve both. Whether you are creating a product demo, business presentation, training videos, or just want a simple and fast way to record what is on your screen, ScreenShow Pro is the best software to use.

ScreenShow Pro saves video files in standard AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format. This ensures maximum compatibility with other software, as AVI is a format editable in most current video programs. ScreenShow Pro lets you configure video and audio options for maximum compatibility with your current applications.

When you need to capture your on-screen activity, ScreenShow Pro is the perfect application for recording to standard AVI files. Record everything on your screen with just a few clicks of your mouse! Share your videos online, turn them into products, training, and more.

With ScreenShow Pro, you can:

  • Create Product Demos
  • Record Software Presentations
  • Create Training Videos
  • Record Software Testing - recording steps taken for bugs, procedures, more
  • Track your progress for software development
  • Record Streaming Videos
  • Create Flash presentations from your AVI files

ScreenShow Pro Overview

System Requirements "System Requirements"

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
400 MHz processor
64 MB recommended
4 MB of hard-disk space for program installation.

Uses of ScreenShow Pro

There are many uses for ScreenShow Pro.
Here are just a few of them:

You can create software demonstration by simply recording everything you (can) do with an application, from mouse movement to menu presentation and options demonstration and pretty much everything you can think of. You now have the chance to make a powerful presentation that will impress your audience.

You can create help files, assist trainings and build professional tutorials by simply explaining on-screen how everything works. ScreenShow Pro gives you the possibility to record yourself while you work or use an already recorded file to match your new recording.

You may want to upload a presentation of your software on your website to give it a more professional look and to establish a good communication between you and the user.

If you are testing an application, you can use ScreenShow Pro to record the exact moment when the bug occurs.

Or you can just use it in personal interest such as recording everything that happens while you’re not at your computer, whether we’re talking about tracking the progress of an application that runs for a long time or simply spying on other people using the computer, you can be sure ScreenShow Pro does its job.


screen show pro

ScreenShow Pro won't leave you wondering how to use it.
some of what you can learn how to do:

    Video Basics

    Cursor Options

    • Hide Cursor
    • Show Cursor
    • Cursor Highlight

    Keyboard Shortcuts


    Setting Regions

    Video Options

    • The Compressor
    • Configure
    • Quality
    • Set Key Frame
    • Capture Rate
    • Playback Rate
    • Auto Adjust

    Audio Options

    • Recording Audio from Microphone
    • Do Not Record Audio
    • Setting Audio Options for Microphone
    • Audio & Video Synchronization

    Program Options

    • Minimize program on start recording
    • Hire flashing rectangle during recording
    • Save settings on exit
    • Capture translucent/layered windows
    • Play AVI file when recording stops
    • Temporary directory for recording
    • Recording Thread Priority
    • Name of AVI file
    • Preset Recording Time

    Screen Annotations>

    • Shapes
    • Instantiating a shape
    • Editing a shape
    • Editing Text
    • Editing Image
    • Editing Transparency
    • Resizing Shapes
    • Managing shapes
    • Creating a new shape
    • Layouts

    If the price of professional screen capture software has been the only thing holding you back from creating your own videos, then here is your chance to get creative without cashing in your life savings!

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