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"Now You Can Easily Create Highly Profitable Professional Looking PDF Ebooks Without
Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For Complicated
Software  And Without Fiddling Around
With Clunky Word Processors!... "

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Have you been looking for a way to simplify your PDF creation?

Have you been looking for a better and easier way to work with your articles?

If you answered yes to either of these questions you will be excited to know that you are about to learn how you can combine these two tasks into one simple program and much more....

"This Killer Tool Has Everything Including
Built-In Word Processor And PDF-Converter
To Make Creating Your eBooks A Breeze!"

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From:Rohit Seth
Time: Saturday, 8 a.m.

Dear Friend,

I have created a software package that allows people to create, edit and distribute their own ebooks and articles.You may say Jim, there is already FREE software out there that does this.

After reading many forums and people asking how to create hyperlinks or pdf’s I decided to create my own software that makes it easier than ever to make that money making content we all dream of.

Not only can you create your own content but you will have everything organized by grouping your content in niche categories.

"You Can Set Your Business On Autopilot
Creating An Immense Amount Of
Cashflow For Years To Come."

A brief introduction to E-Writer Pro…

Now you can easily create, edit and distribute your own ebooks and articles. Here is what E-Writer Pro will let you do easily and effectively.

Have everything you need in one software application.

ebook writer Generate PDF’s with security options.

ebook creator Save security features used to generate PDF’s.

ebook Create your own beautiful looking books or articles.

ebook writer Save books or articles in Word, RTF, Text or HTML.

pdf compiler Open Word, RTF, Text and HTML for editing.

ebooks Hyperlinks can be added making your Books and Articles even more viral.

ebook creator Complete Powerful word processor.

ebooks Allow the reminder system to keep you informed when a special task needs to be accomplished.

ewriter Backup all Books, Articles, and Reminders all with one button click.

ewrite pro Categorize all your ebooks and articles into niches and sub-niches.

You can use this software tool to build your business virally. One Article can make you thousands of dollars every year. One Good E-book can make you a small fortune and in that E-book can be easily filled with your own links back to other products you are selling or to affiliate products you promote.

"Use E-Writer Pro to Edit And Publish
All Those PLR Books And Reports
Collecting Dust On Your Hard Drive!"
Think about the possibilities E-Writer Pro can give you.

You have all those Private Label Rights books and articles just sitting there on you Hard Drive Collecting Virtual Dust. Why not use E-Writer Pro to edit that book or article?

You can open your project and work on it till you get tired or run into writers block then just save it and come back and finish it when your ready. No More opening several programs to do your work. Open E-Writer Pro pull up the book or article and Bam, your ready to continue working.

Here's a look at one of the panels inside eWriter Pro:


Note the easy layout and the modern look. Inserting a footer, for example, is as easy as pie. So is inserting page numbers.

It's easy as pie to insert...

  • images
  • footers
  • page breaks
  • page numbers
  • text  frames 
  • EVEN Hyperlinks!
You'll also have the functionality to secure your eBooks. The screenshot below is of a panel that permits you to add a password  a useful utility in certain sales situations.
"Lets Look At Some Screen Shots
To See The Easy To Use Interface!"

E-Book Editor Screen - As you can see there are different options
available to you. You can either open a new document or open a file
you have saved on your computer already.


File Tab Screen - As you can see here E-Writer Pro has a nice clean interface with all the standard editor options. Plus when your done you can convert your Doc. right to a PDF file complete with security features.

pdf compiler

Style Screen - Here you can change the style of font and its properties
and set your justification.


Insert Screen - Here you can change the style of font and its properties and set your justification. You can use E-Writer Pro to set text frames, insert images even add headers, footers  and page numbers.

master resale rights

"So What About Your Articles?"

I haven't forgotten this aspect in E-Writer Pro either. You can edit your
articles here are some screen shots for you so you can see and not just
have to take my word for it.

Main Screen - Same as with the E-Book editor :-)

master resale rights products

Article Editor Screen -
The options here give you statistics ability, you
zoom in, search, do copy and paste tasks and even spell check.


Insertion Screen -  Just as with the E-Book editor you have all the
features you need to create a great articles time after time

private label rights

"And Just So You Dont Forget Anything..."

A reminder pad has been added as an extra feature for you. -  Keep track of where you left off or set a reminder of what you want to accomplish. I am sure you can see the usefulness of this small feature.

mrr products

One Click PDF Creation -Once you're done writing your ebook,
just hit the PDF icon to instantly turn it into a downloadable
PDF file!

Locked And Secured - You'll also have the functionality to secure
your ebooks. The screenshot below is of a panel that permits you to
add a password as well as enable or disable 
printing, copying etc.

"E-Writer Pro Is Really All 
About Speed & Convenience"

You'll be up and running in no time  and you'll produce clean, clear, crisp PDFs. That can add superior value to your infoproducts business.

Sometimes an Internet Marketer has to be able to turn on a dime. Hitting the streets first with a hot information product gives you a big competitive advantage. eWriterPro is perfect for your desktop computer in your home or office or your laptop.

eWriterPro is worth having  even if you're already an eBook professional. It's just a cool tool. 

And because Master Resale Rights are included with this offer, not only can you use eWriterPro to make your eBooks, you also can sell the software itself.

You'll keep 100 percent of the profits.

If you haven't yet entered the eBook arena, here's your chance to get the tool you'll need to create word-processing documents  and convert them to PDFs instantly. 

Selling digital products is a rewarding pursuit. Get yourself set up with a free PayPal account. Find a company to host your sales website inexpensively. Get started down the path to making and selling information products and delivering them online automatically.

"It's Not A Steep Learning Curve.
You Can Do This!"

For veteran Internet Marketers, well, take a look around your hard drive. You probably have PLR content you can convert to PDFs using eWriterPro. 

And, of course, you can sell your original content. Get started today, using eWriterPro. A brief User Manual is included in the purchase price of eWriterPro. It walks you through the basics. Play with the program for a while. You'll emerge a Pro in no time at all.

Here's A Screenshot Of The User Manual :
Note That It Was Composed With eWriter Pro

e-writer pro manual and license

 Master Resale Rights Included!

Not only will you enjoy using eWriterPro, you'll also get Master Resale Rights to this software with your purchase. You'll be authorized to resell it for 100 percent profit. 

An editable Sales Page and Thank You Page template is included in the package, as is the User Manual and License.

Have fun with this product, Friend. Create your eBooks. Sell them at a profit. And exercise the Master Resale License! 

"Master Resell Rights Included"
(Vista and XP Compatible! Sorry, Mac Fans.)

"What People Are Saying..."

"eWriterPro is great for writing articles and ebooks, but what I like most is how it keeps everything organized in one place. I can sort by niche or category which is handy when you've got a bunch of different projects going. The backup feature is pretty good too."

Jeff Hiebert

At last! A simple tool that makes creating ebooks easy! Instead of fighting behemoth software with arcane commands doing who knows what (that suddenly screw up what you were doing when you accidentally hit the wrong key) -- you can create an ebook practically in the time it takes you to launch the help file of other programs.

"Add the utility of the ebook & article buttons and easy-to-find and use backup problems with a reminder - this has got to be darn close to ideal for rapid turn around of articles and ebooks."

Judy Kettenhofen

"Adding text boxes and pictures couldn't be easier. I like being able to pick up just about any format and convert it to a clean looking PDF.

I have used a lot of PDF conversion programs, even some of the free programs but somehow you always loose the formating. With eWriterPro its simple and quick. I also love that the software keeps all of your source non PDF files in an archive to reopen and edit quickly."

Jonathan McGuire


"Yes Rohit Seth Count Me In Right Now!
I Just Have To Have Get Incredible Package For Just $24.95!

(Vista and XP Compatible! Sorry, Mac Fans.)

"Master Resell Rights Included"

Wising You Succes,
Rohit Seth